The Verdict: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt?

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The Verdict: The Christina Boyer Case

A multi- layered case study of the U.S. Criminal Justice system and mass incarceration. In it, photographer and artist Jan Banning delves into a three decades-old murder case in Georgia. On April 14, 1992, 22-year-old Christina Boyer was arrested for killing her toddler daughter Amber and sentenced to life in prison.

The book presents the results of his extensive and years-long research. Combining documentary and staged photos with a brilliant and detailed essay, Banning offers an extraordinarily intense account of the events surrounding Christina Boyer’s conviction following the death of her young daughter.

“For decades I have admired Jan Banning’s socially focused and engaging portrait projects on menial professions and human conditions otherwise ignored.”

Brett Abbott, Curator of Photography and Head of Collections, High Museum of Art, Atlanta