Single Portraits

Hans van Blommestein Lieke Steen Erwin van Delft Rosa Verhoeve – Photographer Suzanne van Leendert Manon Beernink Laura Jacquemijns Johan van Luik Lieke Schut Daniela Tasca

Mozambique: Arms into Art (2002)

By 2002, some 200.000 guns had been handed in on a “no questions asked” basis. In several places in the country, the organisation has containers with cutting-machines, where the AK447’s, pistols and grenade-launchers are destroyed. In Maputo, the remains, still very recognizeable as gun parts, are then passed over to a group of about ten […]

Azerbaijan, the Nagorno-Karabach War: Faces of Death (1994)

Some  20,000 people perished in the conflict. 230,000 Armenians from Azerbaijan and 800,000 Azeris from Armenia and Karabakh were forced to flee to the Azeri republic, with 7 million inhabitants. They camp in schools and hospitals, in former kolchoze buildings and in trains. Some of them managed to take along portraits of their loved ones, […]

Vietnam – Bomb Craters of the Mind

The after effects of war vary from case to case. Some traumas result from physical injury for example, shrapnel lodged in the brain. But also, veterans have suffered breakdowns because their wives left them for other men during their years far away on the Ho Chi Minh trail. Equally, many South Vietnamese who couldn’t find […]

Children of the White Mist – Vietnam Agent Orange

The American National Academy of Sciences (NAS) concluded that there is sufficient evidence of an association between Agent Orange/dioxin and several diseases, e.g. Hodgkin’s disease, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and soft-tissue sarcoma, and suggestive evidence of an association with other cancers and diseases. The American Veterans Organisation (VA) has a long list of diseases that entitle veterans […]

Land Reform In Portugal

Soon, after a political swing to the right, Portuguese governments started to withdraw their support of these revolutionary co-operatives. They had great difficulty in accessing long-term credit for investments in their production system and the new management lacked technical know-how. Bowing to political pressure, both domestic and from other European countries while negatiations over Portugal’s […]